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Two crazy yellow labs | Issaquah Pet Photographer

It’s been a long time since I got out and took some pictures of my own dogs. Here’s Bailey and Banjo, our two yellow labs that are as silly and fun as they come. Bailey is quite stubborn and has all the attitude the comes along with it. She’s a total sweetheart though and loves to get hugs and kisses and will do just about anything for a piece of cheese. I love this picture of her, we get this look a lot!

Here is Bails focused on a Diet Coke (actually it was something else my husband was holding she was fixated on) even though he was trying to give her a very yummy cheesy treat. Stubborn!

And then there is our youngest boy Banjo. The most lovable and dopiest dog we have ever had. He is crazy smart, but just super silly and never has a mood other than happy. He is also a non stop licker! This is SUCH a hard habit to break him of!

I mean look at that tongue…ridiculous!

This is one of my favorite parts of our labs, where the hair comes together and makes lines in their chests. So beautiful!

Finally…what would a set of lab shots be without all the crazy hair they shed. Even though you think you have brushed it all out, they can find a way to shake out more hair. Thankfully this was outside, but usually it’s somewhere in our room near the bed. Sigh. Bailey and Banjo…we love you!

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