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Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 1

Bailey looking at the cameraSo this week Bailey & Banjo decided they wanted to start up something to share on a weekly basis. They love looking at new toys and beds and treats. I mean really…no different than your typical two year old. Bailey loves Etsy….Banjo loves catalogs. I think he just likes to chew on them and tear them up, so after shopping for a while with these two, Bailey thought it would be a good idea to share what they found with you here on their blog.

Beautiful pink shag dog

For the very first week of what I hope to be a fun long term weekly installment, we go to Bailey, who of course found this on Etsy, one of her favorites. A super cute, super sweet looking pink chenille dog with an awesome orange bow! And what a steal at that price. Bailey LOVES to have a pillow or something to rest her head on at night, and this will be so much better than trying to lay on MY pillow! Look through the store, there are other great colors, animals and even blankets. We really have been enjoying looking at all the beautiful work here!

Just in case the item gets purchased (wink wink), I’ll post the picture here (with her permission of course).

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