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The Self Portrait Project | Seattle Dog Photography

Ok, so I have been wanting to get some pictures of myself up on this site so people can see it’s not actually Bailey and Banjo taking the pictures, but there really is a human factor. I kept putting it off, one because it’s not the best weather here in the winter, and two, I know what Bailey and Banjo can be like when I sit down and try to get pictures with them! So instead of planning it and taking them on a walk to get them a little worn out, which I tell all my clients to do, I thought wow…it’s nice out. This would be the perfect window to get out and take some quick pictures with the dogs. Bad idea.

A few things I can count on…Bailey to do her own thing because she thinks she knows better than everyone else, Banjo to constantly lick me until I am covered in slobber, and hair…HAIR everywhere!

Here’s a few outtakes from the “short” session. They don’t all go as planned and just further reinforces planning ahead of time! I should listen to my own advice. I am going to try again the next time we get sunny weather, which may be spring. Enjoy.:)

Bailey and Banjo getting picture taken
Trying to get two yellow labs to sit for pictures

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