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Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 6

Bailey and Banjo here! Well actually it’s mostly me…Bailey.

Banjo is technically here…panting…LOUDLY!


cover of citydog magazineJulie is taking way too long to make a decision on what to give the final approval for Friday Night Dog Love, so we are taking over this week to tell you one of our favorite loves, CityDog Magazine!

Banjo and I wait patiently for every new issue to come out so we can see what all our buddies are up to, the cool products we can put on Julie’s shopping list, and the fun, dog friendly places we can talk Julie into taking us. If you have a dog and you’re not subscribed to CityDog, you are really missing out on the best dog magazine around. On a side note, we heard the cover of the spring issue is going to be amazing!

Screen shot of CityDog 2.0Well, last month we heard CityDog relaunched their website. CityDog 2.0 is here! We made Julie sign up and now we can hop online when she’s not looking and catch up on all the latest events and see our buddies in the Social Club. If you’re out there and a buddy of ours, please sign up so we can catch up outside of the dog park. This site is awesome!

What’s even more cool is there is an amazing directory, listing all the dog related businesses in the area. Julie listed her business in the pet photographer section and even upgraded her listing! So now, if you have ever had the great opportunity to have your dogs photographed by her, you can write a review (hint hint, this is what keeps us in dog bones people!).
close up of Bailey & Banjo listing

The first place I sniff out, is the off-leash dog parks, so I can bark and slobber all over the back of Julie’s truck when we get near one! I am certain this tactic will work soon, and she will immediately stop and let us out. Paws crossed! As for Banjo, the first thing he hits…the Food & Treats section. Talk about food motivated…what a dope! Don’t tell him, but I signed him up for a bath.

So definitely check out the new CityDog 2.0, get yourself a subscription, and be sure to friend us! Banjo and I like all dogs, especially the little ones! I promise I won’t let Banjo lick you…too much!

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