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Whisper & Stubbs | Issaquah Highlands Pet Photography

What a couple of goofballs! The dogs, not the owner…Gloria is as nice as they come. This was the first moody dog session I had done in a while. It was pretty stormy out or at least getting that way. I thought for sure we might have to move the shoot to another day, but we made it and had a blast riding out the weather. Gloria brought a ball for Whisper, who seriously is like no other dog I have seen, over the top obsessed with the ball! Usually it’s a good thing because I can get their attention and have them stay so I can get a few shots. But not Whisper, she would stay for about 1 second and then leap at the ball or bark. It made for an entertaining afternoon. Then there was Stubbs. So excited to be outside, he was fascinated with everything in the park…but me! No amount of coaxing, whistling, even moving everything towards him would get him to look at me. I did manage to get a few from that night, the dogs were great and so was Gloria. I am glad to finally be posting this session, I am backlogged on things to post! But here are a few from that great night, thanks Whisper, Stubbs and especially Gloria, I love your fantastically furry family!

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