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Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 10

Picture of dog and a chew toy antlerWe sure found a winner for this week’s Friday Night Dog Love! Bailey and Banjo are both loving the Antler Chews we got them from Paddywack in Mill Creek. We have never had anything like it, they have always been into Rawhides so we never tried anything different. But they were so interesting looking, and when they told us they would be safe for the dogs, we thought we’d give them a try!
Picture of Bailey with chew toy
Banjo played with his for about twenty minutes not sure what to do with it until he got the hang of it and has been pretty involved with it since. Bailey loved it too and they both have been laying together just relaxing. Hmm, I’m thinking this is going to be great when new people come over!

Picture of yellow lab with a dog toyI read up a little about Antler Chews when I got home, and there was a good article about it at PetExpertise, with some great tips at the bottom. Mostly it’s not something to leave with your dog in the yard, they still need to beBailey and Banjo, two yellow labs eating a bonesupervised so they don’t choke or get SO into it they bust a tooth. Also some great tips about what to do if your dog isn’t that interested in the antler. After experiencing what we did today with Bailey and Banjo, I don’t know how that’s even possible!

If you’re up in the Mill Creek area, definitely check out Paddywack and pick up some antlers, they have lots of other great toys and supplies for cats and dogs and they have great artwork above the main counter that is rotated out every six weeks. It definitely keeps it fun and exciting to see what you’re going to find next. You can also find Paddywack on Facebook!

Let me know if you get some antlers and what your dogs think of them!

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