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Tribute to two special kitties | Lynnwood Pet Photography

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from a super lovely woman who wanted to get her cats photographed. I don’t photograph a ton of cats. Not that I wouldn’t like to, but most of my clients are dogs. I was excited to come out but shortly learned that one of her cats had cancer and wasn’t doing well. Thankfully the other cat, Mali, was in remission. It was bittersweet to go, I wanted to get the best images I could as I knew they may be some of the last, but it was hard knowing that it might be the only time I got to meet these sweet kitties.

Well I did go, and they are truly wonderful cats. They were sweet and soft and just lovely, all things your pets are suppose to be and more. You could just see the love their mama had for them. She described Simon as “grouchy often, but the biggest cuddler and protector of our family. His big green eyes melt my heart. If he wasn’t on my lap, he was *very* near always keeping an eye on things.”

The day after I left, Simon was no longer with us.

It was still very sad news even though I knew it was coming.

I was glad she still had Mali. Mali was more shy around me, but having her mom describe her, I only wish I could know her in this way. “Mali, my little girl. My sweet little Mali who truly never did any wrong. She always entered the room like “I’m here. We can start now!”…but in such an innocent way…with her little crooked tail wrapped around her like a princess.”

How sweet is that?!

After prepping all the images I was ready to get together with Simon’s mom and Mali. We were just waiting on a time where we could both coordinate our schedules. Tonight I found out that unexpectedly Mali has gone to join Simon and also is no longer with us. This completely has thrown me and I feel so sad they are both gone. It is somewhat comforting knowing they are both together again.

I wanted to post a few from the time we spent together. Just for their mama to have until we get the chance to meet. I know they meant the world to her and I am grateful I was able to be a small part of their lives. Rest in peace Simon and Mali.

You will be missed.

Black kitties out in the yard
Kitty sitting in the grassSalt and Pepper hair on a catKitty cat sitting in owners lapTwo kitties laying side by sideBlack cat on a blue and brown couchowner and her cats

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