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Molly | The Stock Project

Cute Labradoodle for The Stock ProjectMolly is a 2 year old miniature labradoodle. She was born in Spangle, Washington. Molly’s mom always wanted a dog, but working far from her home (Vashon to Renton), kept her from being the dog owner she knew she wanted to be. But, when she retired, her staff gave her a “puppy fund”.

Molly’s mom had this to say about her and sweet Molly. “Molly is the result of their love and generosity. Vashon is the perfect place for Molly. She loves to play ball, retrieve sticks, and go for walks. Running very fast and jumping are her forte. I think we need to look into agility classes! We have lots of room for her to run and play. Her buddies in the pasture are 3 alpacas. Molly and Tom (one of our alpacas) often share nose kisses. Molly is in training to be a therapy dog. She loves to meet all of the other dogs who come to class. We hope to be a part of an elementary school reading program.

Molly is affectionate and often snuggles next to me if I’m reading the paper or watching TV. If she wants attention, she has no problem standing on top of the newspaper so I can’t read!! I am biased, but I think she is pretty smart. When she wants to go outside, she rings the bells that are hanging from our kitchen door.”

Two year old Labradoodle who was part of The Stock ProjectI think Molly and her mama are a perfect pair! We had a great time at The Stock Project and I couldn’t be more happy to have met them both!

If you, or anyone you know is interested in The Stock Project, please email me at for more information! Soon, we are going to be traveling a bit locally and giving some of the session fee proceeds to various charities. Stay tuned, there is a lot in store for The Stock Project!

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