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Don’t roast your dog | Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 14

I am just going to go ahead and be optimistic. Summer is coming…and it’s coming fast! No more cloudy, rainy days, just bright sun and a nice mild Northwest summer. What do we all do when it’s awesome out!? We grab our dogs and take them to the park, or to the store, or wherever we can! But I am sure you have all seen many times, dogs locked in cars with the windows barely cracked and sitting in the sun. It doesn’t feel too hot out, must be ok. It’s NOT!

On an 80° day, temperatures in a parked car can reach 120° in ten minutes.

That is ridiculously hot normally, but then add a big furry coat, it could easily end in death. So…check this cool thing out, the Too Hot for Spot? window cling! A thermometer that clings to your windows and not only draws attention to your car and hopefully makes people think about how this can be so dangerous, but also will tell you at a glance how hot it actually is in the car.

I think it’s a great idea and I know our dogs will thank us to leave them at home on days like this or at least take them out of the car. No dog deserves to roast.

Find Too Hot for Spot on Facebook and get your window cling for the summer on their website!

Now…go enjoy summer!

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