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Poochapalooza! | Marysville Pet Photography

Booth of Bailey & Banjo and P.L.A.Y.Wow, what a weekend! Last Saturday I had the great opportunity to photograph the 5th Annual Poochapalooza, a country fair for dogs in Marysville, WA, that had SO many wonderful events, I was seriously beat at the end of the day! I am not sure exactly how much money was raised from the donations for goody bags, but I know there are going to be some new needed things the Strawberry Fields for Rover Off-Leash Park is going to be able to have now. Good work! It is an amazing park!

I got there nice and early, and set up our tent. I was fortunate enough to be able to split my booth with P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds while I was out photographing the event. If you came by the booth, you know what I mean. Not only does P.L.A.Y. make incredible dog beds from recycled bottles, they have awesome people working for them! It was a pleasure being in the same booth! After we got everything set up, I was out meeting a bunch of awesome dogs and their owners. What a great fun crowd and it could not have been a more beautiful day!

Photographed by Bailey & Banjo Marysville Pet PhotographyIt all started out with the crowning of Bow the Royal Ambassador. He is quite handsome and had us all cracking up with his great outfit. He was all over the event and I got some fun shots of him that you can see over on Bailey & Banjo’s facebook page along with many others from the day. If you’re not a fan yet, I hope you will be!

Bailey & Banjo Seattle pet photographyI managed to get over to some of the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Flying Disc Tournament for a few minutes, which was absolutely awesome! I can’t believe how far and high those dogs can jump! Bailey and Banjo would run about half way, then start walking followed by eating grass or laying down. Sigh. I was most impressed with a very young girl who could heave a disc better and more accurately than I ever could. It was so cute and pretty inspiring! I only got in a few minutes because I had to get back for the start of a bunch of fun contests. Best Costume, Best Kisser, Cutest Ugliest Dog, Pooch Pie Eating Contest and Best Voice just to name a few. I loved that last one and all the great hand signals people used to get their dogs to bark.

Bailey & Banjo western washington pet photographyHere was the winner for Best Costume, I think you can see why! These two were great and not sure you can really see it but the dog was pulling a small race car as well. So cute!

Best Kisser was hysterical, everyone was laughing and having a great time. Some dogs would not budge, others were licking their owners all over. I met this one great family, their beautiful wolf hound and adorable son. They didn’t win, but they sure were awesome!

Two dogs in a pie eating contest photographed by Bailey & BanjoThe Pooch Pie Eating Contest was put on by Dorothy of The Dining Dog Cafe and Bakery in Edmonds. You can always find Dorothy at an event with her doggy baked goods, because there always seems to be a crowd of dogs around her at all times! For this event she had delicious pies and they did not last long. It was probably the fastest event of the day!

Rescue and Fashion show photo by Julie Clegg of Bailey & BanjoFinally, one of the biggest events and new this year to Poochapalooza was the Fashions & Rescues Runway Show. So many cute and lovely adoptable dogs, designer clothes, scarves, bows, tutus by so many talented people, it was quite a sight! I met some great people who are very passionate about what they do. Dmarie’s Boutique, Amore Grace, High Maintenance Bitch and Hilary Lamon all had awesome clothes and accessories. Do not hesitate to go check them all out! What was great was having rescue dogs, some who were available for adoption, from Homeward Pet Adoption, N.O.A.H., C.A.S.A., Bulldog Haven NW and Love a Mutt there to model the designer clothes. It was just such a fun wonderful event and I think the dogs had a blast.

Bailey & Banjo photographs black lab with bow tieOverall it was a perfect day. I am so thankful for all the new friends I made, and their wonderful owners. If you haven’t been to a Poochapalooza, this was my first, you definitely have to come check it out next year. Until then go check out the great Off Leash Dog Park, Strawberry Fields for Rover. It’s stunning, and is only getting better by the dedication and commitment from M-DOG. I can’t wait to get Bailey & Banjo up there!

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