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Karate Kid, Monkey Knots & a great shoulder workout | Seattle Pet Photography

Two Yellow Labs in the back of a Toyota 4RunnerI am sure most people that read this blog have dogs or at least love them a lot! If you cart them around like we do, the back of your car/truck is probably filled with dried slobber and enough dog hair to stuff their beds with. Yesterday, I was tasked with cleaning out the back of our 2006 4Runner. It is up for sale and I am guessing it would limit the amount of potential buyers if, when you open all the windows, you are attacked by a sea of flying dog fur.

Hair on backs of seatsSo out to the truck I went with my roll of duct tape and collection of lint rollers. It took all of about 10 minutes of trying to peel yet another layer back from the .99 cent crappy lint rollers we found at IKEA to realize my patience would not last through this cleaning party. I tried some duct tape which did an okay job, but hey duct tape isn’t cheap, and I was going through it much faster than felt reasonable.These PVC Grip Gloves worked awesome!
So into the garage I went, digging through the random things we somehow end up with, when I came across some PVC Grip Gloves we bought at a garage sale. Because you just never know when you’re going to need a pair, am I right? They have a PVC coating which is what those lines are on the glove which gives it some grip if you were lifting something. I remembered my husband telling me once he had heard something about using rubber dish gloves to remove dog hair from things so I thought this might work.

Monkey knots made with PVC GlovesBack at the truck I put on my fancy gloves and started moving my hands like I was trying to build a pile of fur in the middle of the floor to pick up. It was sort of working, but really not all that well. It was more like I was just petting the floor and occasionally a few strands would be nice enough to make their way to my non-pile. So I started working on the backs of the seats and for whatever reason I starting thinking of the Karate Kid, that great part of the movie where Daniel learns from Mr. Miyagi…Wax On Wax Off. I think a little bit of delirium had started to set in, but to my surprise it was kind of starting to work.

After image from removing dog hairI waxed on and waxed off at a quicker pace until the hair started to clump together like monkey knots. Do you remember monkey knots? When we were kids and you would rub your hands on someones hairy arm really fast in a circle until their hair knotted up. This was just the same, only way more practical! To my surprise this was not only easier, but much more effective! It was actually removing the hair from the carpet! I could easily pick it up and throw it out! This was brilliant! After a couple of hours, with plenty of kid-wrangling breaks I got the truck looking pretty de-dogged again. Yep, I think I just made that word up.

Now I am not saying this is a super quick fix, it did take a bit of time, but the results were fantastic and there is an added benefit here. My shoulders…got an awesome workout! So next time you need to remove dog hair from your vehicle remember Karate Kid, Monkey Knots and plan for your shoulders to be pretty sore the next day. Good Luck!

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