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Your dog on a magazine cover? | Kirkland Pet Photography | Bailey & Banjo

Bailey & Banjo photographs CityDog Cover Dog Model ContestWho wouldn’t want their adorable dog on the front of a magazine cover? The experience of a professional photo shoot, the extra treats and pampering you know your dog would just eat up. You’re no stage mom, but you know your furry four-legged best friend is so deserving.

Last weekend I was at Kirkland Uncorked shooting for just that reason. Every summer, there are a handful events around the area that CityDog Magazine attends. They have a booth where you can sign your dog up for a chance to walk across the runway and strut their stuff. Each event is judged live (at most events) and has an event winner. The end of the summer has all the winners up for a final vote that the readers get to choose. That winner gets to be the next Cover Dog for CityDog Magazine! But even if you don’t win the event, not all is lost and that is where I come in. Each doggy contestant gets a quick head shot for printing in the magazine and online. So even if you don’t come out on top, your pups cute mug is still in print and online for the world to see! You can also try again at the next event, this year there are seven local ones and if you can’t make any of them or live outside of the area, you can sign up online!

Bailey & Banjo photographs CityDog Cover Dog Model ContestI don’t shoot all of the events, but I do manage to get to a couple each year. I love meeting all the new people and dogs, and now a few of the regulars that come each year. You can’t go wrong, because the money you give to be a part of it all goes directly to a dog related group such as Pasado’s Safe Haven, PAWS and the Seattle Humane Society just to name a few. So head out to the next event and have your dog photographed for a chance to be on the next cover of CityDog Magazine. The dogs will love you for it, and it makes for a great stop over at yet another wonderful dog event, that we are lucky enough to have so many of, in the great Northwest!

Check the CityDog Magazine website for the other CityDog Cover Dog Model Search dates and events. Hope to see you soon! Here are just a few of the awesome dogs that came to Kirkland Uncorked.
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Bailey & Banjo photographs CityDog Cover Dog Model Contest

Bailey & Banjo photographs CityDog Cover Dog Model Contest

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