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Seabrook & The Salty Dog | Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 18

Banjo looking on at the firepitFinally! A vacation! A couple of days away from the craziness of this summer to go and relax somewhere, with just my family and my camera, and think of nothing else. Sounds lovely. And it always is when we go to Seabrook. We went in the middle of the week hoping for a mellow couple of days of running around on the beach and sitting by the fire. I left everything up to my husband as far as picking out the place and he could not have found a more perfect house. Cute, still close to Main St, and private back porch overlooking greenspace, Worry Free Days was the ideal getaway for out little family of five (that number does include two dogs by the way).

When we arrived, we got a little welcome bag with some laundry detergent, pen and paper, a tidal chart and most importantly, a bag of marshmallows for the fire! Everything was at the cabin from cruisers to ride around Seabrook, to an Xbox with Kinect, plenty of funny movies, games, puzzles and wifi! I know we went on vacation but I still like to check in when I’m checked out.

We spent our time running around the beach, not a person in sight. Playing in the sand and finding crabs and sand dollars all over. I love how the beach goes out for what seems like miles, it just always feels so much bigger than the beaches I am use to down in Southern California. Bailey & Banjo absolutely loved it, running in the water and chasing each other. They were such a sandy mess I wasn’t sure how we were going to get them clean. Thankfully a lot of the sand shook off on the way back and we were lucky enough to have a cabin that scored us one free dog wash at The Salty Dog! More on that soon.

The next day we drove around a bit exploring a little north, a little south, but really we just wanted to come back and enjoy our time where we were. We dropped off the dogs and went up to the little grocery store to get some food. Worry Free Days has a little dog run which is fantastic if you want to take a quick trip without the dogs or just let them out for a bit. We sat on the lovely covered back porch, enjoyed our food and took in the quiet (minus two big yellow labs and a 3-year old). And no trip would be complete without a campfire and S’mores. We sat around most of that evening with the dogs roasting marshmallows while our son ran around with his monster trucks. He managed to roast a few marshmallows too, but he mostly wanted to just eat them out of the bag. Gross. We headed back long after dark, and had another great night of sleep.

On our final day we were excited to head to The Salty Dog! I love this store and the owner, Ann. She is so sweet and helpful, it’s a must stop if you are ever in the area. There is so much fantastic dog gear there from beds (P.L.A.Y. was the first thing that caught my eye with their awesome beds!), collars, treats, toys, t-shirts and sweatshirts, you really can find it all! We took them up on the free dog wash and got our furry kids clean as can be! I hope we didn’t leave too much of a mess behind because they REALLY needed a bath! There was great smelling soap, and lots of treats you can give your dogs while you get them all cleaned up. It was a perfect end to a wonderful couple of days away! I only wish it could have been longer!

Seabrook has become a fast favorite in our family. If you are ever interested in doing a session out there please let me know, I would love to get 2-4 groups together and stay a couple of days. Nothing beats a great beach shoot, so email me for more info! And if you’re ever in the Seabrook area, be sure to see if you can score the Worry Free Days cabin and don’t forget to stop at The Salty Dog!

Keep on scrolling for more images from our trip!

The place we stayed, so perfectly named, Worry Free Days!

From the inside. It was SUCH a comfortable place to stay!

The Salty Dog…LOVE IT!

Bailey & Banjo get baths.

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