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Museum Quality Framing | Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 19

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica, who is the manager at Museum Quality Framing in Issaquah. I have been thinking for some time that I’d like to offer my clients some framing options and after meeting with Jessica, I think that is exactly what I am going to do. At the very least, I will have a very friendly and knowledgeable person to send you to, and even better I’ll have a nice discount for being my client, and theirs!

I learned a ton that day, but I am not sure I could even articulate as well as the professional! So, this week for Friday Night Dog Love, we have a guest post, from our friend Jessica. I will let her tell you a little bit about framing, and if you have something you want framed, this is the place to go! You will learn a lot and love the service. Here’s Jessica!

“If you have ever had something framed at Museum Quality Framing, you might agree that you were overwhelmed a little (or a lot) at first by all of the framing options surrounding you. But, by the end, you were put at ease knowing that you and your designer found the perfect framing choice for your piece.

The main thing to remember is that you are framing your piece to protect and display your special memories, original art, puppy’s first dog collar, or child’s art. Using Conservation Glass that is 99% UV Protected is VERY important to help from fading or changing colors. Museum Glass can be used for the most clarity and least amount of reflection to give the illusion of no glass on your art. You do need to watch out for finger prints because people have to touch it to believe it!

Secondly, it’s important for the framing design to showcase the art in the setting that it will reside in. When designing a piece, I first want to know why it’s important to you and then, where it will be hanging in your home. Or, if it is a gift, who is the recipient? (Is it your Dazzling Diva friend or your Starch Shirt Boss?) The more knowledge I have makes it easier for the most appropriate design to come together. It doesn’t matter how simplistic or elaborate you want the design; we’ll make it work for you with our large selection for pre-made frames and mats and our vast custom framing wall and beyond.”

Seems easy huh? Yeah, not so much. That’s why I am going to leave the pros to frame and I will concentrate on photographing your pets! When you become a client of Bailey & Banjo, you will be given a card with a discount on framing any of your prints through Museum Quality Framing in Issaquah.

If you want to come check it out, they are hosting ‘Framing & Wine Tasting for Pet Month’ with Girly Girl Wines! You will receive 25% off storewide all day long and 5% of ALL purchases that day go to support the Seattle Humane Society. From 6pm – 8pm, enjoy a complimentary wine tasting courtesy of Girly Girl Wines! Not only that, but there will be a drawing for a few prizes that night too. A great event not to miss!

I hope next time you have custom photography done (by Bailey & Banjo of course), that you’ll consider getting a few of those wall prints professionally framed by Museum Quality Framing.

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