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Ruby the Beagle does not like the camera | West Seattle Pet Photography

I get to photograph a lot of dogs over the year, and believe me, there are many who don’t always love looking at the camera. I know there are a few of you who know exactly what I am talking about. I have talked to you at events or met you at Dog-A-Day. Mostly I hear, my dog will never look at the camera, all my shots are him/her looking away.

As a pet photographer I have seen this a lot. Some are more tricky than others but luckily we have a few tricks we like to try and we can usually get a few of them looking right at us. Also, not every shot has to be the dog looking at your lens, sometimes it’s nice to just see them doing their thing or get a moment where they don’t notice the camera is around.

Ruby was tricky. She definitely was not one that loved the camera! Thankfully her mama was patient and we were able to get a nice collection of shots for her to choose from. I just love the interaction between these two and all of the funny faces Ruby makes when she gets hugs. Completely cracked me up.

So if you’re worried we can get anything good for you because your dog is camera shy, we have a plan for that and can definitely get you some images of your beloved pet without a problem. Give us a call and try out our mini sessions so you can see for sure! We would love to meet you!!

Here are a few from Ruby’s session! Enjoy!

Lincoln Park Dog Photography by Bailey & BanjoLincoln Park Dog Photography by Bailey & BanjoLincoln Park Dog Photography by Bailey & Banjo

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