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    I always thought this would make a great cover. It was an outtake from a Holiday Cover we shot for CityDog Magazine. Although it didn't quite look right for CityDog, I think it looks pretty amazing on the front of Professional Photographer. I could not be more thrilled with this honor!

Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer | Issaquah Dog Photography | January 1

I probably bit off more than I can chew, but I wanted a challenge. Good work, I think I got one! Sometimes with a small business, ok who are we kidding, a LOT of times with a small business you get caught up in…well…the business! I noticed in 2011 that I was behind the computer a lot and not as much shooting as I wanted. So this year, for 2012 and all of it’s 366 Days (yep, it’s Leap Year!) I am going to photograph one dog and post him or her right here on this blog. I will do my best to cover as many breeds as possible, but it’s really going to be who I come in contact with that day.

Wish me luck. I hope you follow along and enjoy the adventure! Maybe at year end it’ll turn into a cool calendar! When you check back here for the next day, go ahead and share these posts! Thanks!

NEW! 1/7/12
SO after a week of doing this and posting pics and meeting people, I thought…although this is a great personal project, it could be so much more. So last night I thought instead of it only being a personal project, I am also going to definitely make a calendar at year end, and also a portion of the proceeds are going to The Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund within the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

This gives me every day for the rest of the year to talk to people about Canine Cancer and hopefully raise awareness of how common it really is. I am hoping everyone that I meet, and you guys too, will help me spread the word on this. Share the Dog-A-Day photos on FB with your friends, tell people about this project, maybe consider getting a calendar of a bunch of cute doggies at the end of the year.

Funny how things start out, I really wanted to just get out more, then I realized there were bigger things to do with my time away from my desk. I’m glad I got it figured out in just a week…it’s nice to have another motivator. A goal.
Anyway, even if you don’t spread the word (although I sure hope you will!), I still hope you’ll stop by and check in on how it’s going. Maybe one day I’ll bump in to you and your pup will be in the calendar!

Here’s to helping kick the crap out of cancer!

Suzie & Gizzy | Issaquah Dog Photography | Mini Session

Finally wrapping up at the end of the year! This is the last session I’ll be posting! Yay! Just in time to ring in the new year! We have been meaning to get together for almost a year. Busy schedules, little ones, and then cancer hit. Suzie has it and sadly, time is not on her side. We had to get together! So we finally did it, had a mini session out in Issaquah Highlands. I am so glad we got the time. I know things aren’t going great for Suzie, but she has her pal Gizzy and together I know they are happily eating Hawaiian Bread and relaxing.

From this session, I realized with the work I have been doing with Canine Cancer, that it is important to have a little something for the doggies like Suzie. A few up to date pictures, not a big to-do, just a nice sweet stroll in the park getting a few memories that will be there forever. So this coming year in 2012, I added a mini-session to the session list. This is perfect for dogs that have cancer, terminally ill or are just older and don’t want to, or can’t run around like in a full session.

This type of session will also be great if you always wanted to try out Bailey & Banjo and see how awesome it would be to have beautiful artwork of your dogs. It’s also great for just an update, if it has been a while since you had pictures of your best buddy. It also makes the perfect gift! The important thing is that it lets you get those memories you always wanted. You would be surprised how many calls I get AFTER a dog has cancer or when he or she is in their very last years. As I did my year in review on Facebook I saw so many wonderful dogs and a lot of pictures of my own dogs and family. It is so important to get those throughout the year, to remember all the years of your dogs life. I hope to see a lot more of you guys in 2012, and that this session will be the start of more great memories and relationships.

Suzie, I wish you the very best, the most comfort and as much Hawaiian Bread as your cute little tummy can handle. Here is what we got from her session with her best girl Gizzy.

Paws & Claus | Kirkland Pet Photography | Canine Cancer Benefit

A week has blown by and I never did get this blogged even though it was announced on Facebook. I wanted to make another announcement for those who aren’t on Facebook that your images from Paws & Claus are ready to be downloaded.

I wanted to send out a big thank you to The Woodmark and Carillon Point for hosting the event at their beautiful dog friendly hotel. If you are ever in the area, it is right on the water, they have dog friendly rooms and could not be a more gorgeous location! Also I wanted to thank The Nyima Bakery for bringing their awesome treats that everyone loved!

We raised $752 for Canine Cancer that has been donated to the National Canine Cancer Foundation in the ‘Chase Away K9 Cancer‘ fund. I could not have been more thrilled or thankful for the turnout. This was our first year doing this at the Woodmark and we are already planning for next year at the same location. So if you didn’t get to go, definitely keep an eye out for next year and possibly a few other great projects we are looking at in 2012.

Bailey & Banjo participate and volunteer time and photography to help raise funds for Canine Cancer. If you have an event or would like to discuss services, please contact us for more information. Every dollar counts, please think about donating. Hoping sooner than later, there will be a cure.

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