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    We are very honored to have won the Professional Photographer Magazine Cover Contest!

    I always thought this would make a great cover. It was an outtake from a Holiday Cover we shot for CityDog Magazine. Although it didn't quite look right for CityDog, I think it looks pretty amazing on the front of Professional Photographer. I could not be more thrilled with this honor!

Seabrook & The Salty Dog | Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 18

Banjo looking on at the firepitFinally! A vacation! A couple of days away from the craziness of this summer to go and relax somewhere, with just my family and my camera, and think of nothing else. Sounds lovely. And it always is when we go to Seabrook. We went in the middle of the week hoping for a mellow couple of days of running around on the beach and sitting by the fire. I left everything up to my husband as far as picking out the place and he could not have found a more perfect house. Cute, still close to Main St, and private back porch overlooking greenspace, Worry Free Days was the ideal getaway for out little family of five (that number does include two dogs by the way).

When we arrived, we got a little welcome bag with some laundry detergent, pen and paper, a tidal chart and most importantly, a bag of marshmallows for the fire! Everything was at the cabin from cruisers to ride around Seabrook, to an Xbox with Kinect, plenty of funny movies, games, puzzles and wifi! I know we went on vacation but I still like to check in when I’m checked out.

We spent our time running around the beach, not a person in sight. Playing in the sand and finding crabs and sand dollars all over. I love how the beach goes out for what seems like miles, it just always feels so much bigger than the beaches I am use to down in Southern California. Bailey & Banjo absolutely loved it, running in the water and chasing each other. They were such a sandy mess I wasn’t sure how we were going to get them clean. Thankfully a lot of the sand shook off on the way back and we were lucky enough to have a cabin that scored us one free dog wash at The Salty Dog! More on that soon.

The next day we drove around a bit exploring a little north, a little south, but really we just wanted to come back and enjoy our time where we were. We dropped off the dogs and went up to the little grocery store to get some food. Worry Free Days has a little dog run which is fantastic if you want to take a quick trip without the dogs or just let them out for a bit. We sat on the lovely covered back porch, enjoyed our food and took in the quiet (minus two big yellow labs and a 3-year old). And no trip would be complete without a campfire and S’mores. We sat around most of that evening with the dogs roasting marshmallows while our son ran around with his monster trucks. He managed to roast a few marshmallows too, but he mostly wanted to just eat them out of the bag. Gross. We headed back long after dark, and had another great night of sleep.

On our final day we were excited to head to The Salty Dog! I love this store and the owner, Ann. She is so sweet and helpful, it’s a must stop if you are ever in the area. There is so much fantastic dog gear there from beds (P.L.A.Y. was the first thing that caught my eye with their awesome beds!), collars, treats, toys, t-shirts and sweatshirts, you really can find it all! We took them up on the free dog wash and got our furry kids clean as can be! I hope we didn’t leave too much of a mess behind because they REALLY needed a bath! There was great smelling soap, and lots of treats you can give your dogs while you get them all cleaned up. It was a perfect end to a wonderful couple of days away! I only wish it could have been longer!

Seabrook has become a fast favorite in our family. If you are ever interested in doing a session out there please let me know, I would love to get 2-4 groups together and stay a couple of days. Nothing beats a great beach shoot, so email me for more info! And if you’re ever in the Seabrook area, be sure to see if you can score the Worry Free Days cabin and don’t forget to stop at The Salty Dog!

Keep on scrolling for more images from our trip!

The place we stayed, so perfectly named, Worry Free Days!

From the inside. It was SUCH a comfortable place to stay!

The Salty Dog…LOVE IT!

Bailey & Banjo get baths.

Bailey & Banjo is nominated for Best of Western Washington!

Bailey & Banjo - Best of Western WashingtonWe're Competing badge
This year we are at it again, in the running for the Best of Western Washington in Pet Photography. Thanks for the nomination, now let’s see if this year we can make it happen! Click on either image here to take you directly to the voting page. If you have already voted, help us spread the word so others can vote too. You can share this blog post or from the voting page you can shout out on Facebook and Twitter. It’s one vote per person and you don’t have to live in this area.
Thanks for all the help and all the votes so far, we all really appreciate it! Hoping this year we’ll be the Best of Western Washington!

PetHub Giveaway | The winner!

A big thanks to everyone that came by to read Friday Night Dog Love last week and learn about this fantastic company, PetHub! I think their tags are a super smart idea and I am really hoping we all were able to help spread the word for them. Also a big thanks to PetHub for donating the PetHub Bundle for one lucky random winner! 21 of you entered and sorting the comments chronologically, the random number generator selected…#6 which is Maya Bree Starbuck!

Congratulations Maya! Please email me at baileyandbanjo (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get you set up with PetHub!

Thanks again to all the great entries and for spreading the word!

See ya next week for Friday Night Dog Love, found a really cool something for the dog and the yard! Stay tuned!

The Giveaway! | Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 17

Banjo is a happy dog with his PetHub TagIt’s a nice summer night, you’re heading out to the back porch to enjoy the evening sun, have a BBQ and toss the ball around with your favorite fur ball. You head out back and you realize someone left the gate open or that your pal dug a hole and escaped! That horrible feeling sets in that your dog is GONE! The world gets a LOT bigger when your loved ones go missing, so it’s smart to have a plan in place. According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP), less than 2 percent of cats and only 15 to 20 percent of dogs are returned to their owners. Most of these were identified with tags, tattoos or microchips. Those are very low odds I think especially for someone that means so much.

When we got Bailey & Banjo we had them micro-chipped. We figured at least they would have something, but what I have recently learned is that although micro-chips are great, they have some drawbacks.
1. Only 3-5% of animals in the U.S. have a chip
2. You can’t be sure if someone finds your dog that they would even be willing to take them somewhere to be scanned.
3. Is the information on the chip up to date? I can honestly say when we moved I am not sure if ours was updated. (note to self: update chip after you move this month)
4. Although some vets have Universal Scanners now, not all of them do and there are four different types of scanning technologies out there, so it might not even be recognized if the place they are taken does not have the correct scanner!

PetHub ID tag with QR CodeSo for all these reasons and more, I wanted an alternative. I was lucky enough to meet up with PetHub at the last Summer Muttmixer we had on Blake Island. They provide an additional safety item/service to combat these microchip issues above. After I tried it out, I am excited to report, both Bailey & Banjo are now permanent members of PetHub!

You can easily sign up (it’s free), upload your dogs and their info, and order them a collar or tag. Choose a Scruff Collar or a Laser Etched SmartLink Tag to order and when it arrives in the mail you can activate your QR code that comes etched on it.

QR code But wait, what is a QR code?

I am sure you have seen those funny little squares in magazines and on many other things around lately. They are gaining such popularity these days I have even seen them on real estate listings and business cards. It is basically a 2-dimensional code created by Toyota for tracking auto parts. It is an open technology that allows anyone with a Smartphone to scan your dogs tag with a free app that reads QR Codes. Even if you don’t want to download an app to read the code, the PetHub tags also have the URL etched into them so it is super easy to type it in and see the same information.

So last week I got my tags for the dogs and put one on Banjo after activating it. I got him nearby and scanned his tag with ‘QR Droid’ which was free on my Verizon phone. When I scanned his tag, a URL came up that took me to his profile which had his picture and a button to click that would let me send an email. I sent myself the email and in about 5 seconds I got the email with my test message. How cool!

Banjo knows he's safer with PetHubWhat I like even more about this set up is that now my personal information isn’t on my dogs tags. I can put everything in my profile, so if I find Bailey or Banjo have gone missing I can turn that part of my profile on, so when someone does scan his tag they can find things like my phone number, name, and medicines they take, what vet they go to or the pet sitter we use. You can totally customize what is displayed and when people see it. Brilliant!

I am really glad we have a back up plan in place and if you get just five minutes, take the time to go over to PetHub and sign up! Don’t wait until your pet has gone missing and you wish you could have taken the time to get one of these fantastic tags for your loved one.

So…now that I told you all that, I hope that you are as excited to get your pets tagged as I was. For all of you awesome friends, clients, likers and lookers that read this blog, PetHub was nice enough to provide Bailey & Banjo with a giveaway! For one lucky person, chosen randomly.

The ONE winner will receive:

Text for PetHub Bundle prize

So how do you win this awesome PetHub Bundle?! Three things and they all have to be completed!

At the bottom of this post, leave a comment about how you’d use your PetHub Bundle!

2. Head on over to PetHub and LIKE their page.

3. Go to Bailey & Banjo and LIKE us too! (most of you might already, but for people just joining us, we always love some new friends)

A random winner will be selected by the August 12th date of Friday Night Dog Love (that’s one week! So spread the word!) And good luck!!

Canine Cancer | Seattle Pet Photographer Bailey & Banjo

Bailey & Banjo help fight canine cancer with Smile for a Cure

There are some sad statistics out there about Canine Cancer. Did you know:
1. Canine cancer affects 1 in 3 dogs and that half of those will die from this terrible disease.
2. Skin cancer is the most common cancer seen in dogs.
3. Cancer is the leading cause of disease related death in dogs.
4. Approximately HALF of dogs over the age of 10 will die of cancer.

For our buddies that give us their unconditional love and joy, shouldn’t we do something to help? Well I have just thing and I am so thrilled to be a part of it. Bailey & Banjo has teamed up with Smile for a Cure to help fight back against canine cancer.

During the months of August and September, schedule a Smile for a Cure session with Bailey & Banjo and half of your session fee will go directly to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. There are only a handful of these sessions available and they are starting to fill up. So if you were thinking about having a session done, this would be a great way to have a wonderful time giving your dog the start treatment while giving back at the same time! Each session is approximately two hours in length at one of your favorites spots. You will receive an online gallery of 25-35 proofs to choose from, that have been professionally edited. You will also be featured on this blog as one of the Smile for a Cure sessions for you to show all of your friends and family! *All prints and keepsakes are to be purchased separately.

All dogs are welcome, but in particular, I wish to invite dog lovers whose pets are terminal to participate. I believe the bond between humans and their dogs is never stronger and more pure than when they must face these times together.

To schedule your Smile for a Cure session, email me at or give me a call to set up a date at 425-577-1917. I can’t wait to meet you and your pup! Hopefully together, we can make a difference in finding a cure for canine cancer.

Photo session with your pet to help fight canine cancer

Schedule a session with Seattle Pet Photographer Bailey & Banjo

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