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  • Professional Photographer Magazine Cover!

    We are very honored to have won the Professional Photographer Magazine Cover Contest!

    I always thought this would make a great cover. It was an outtake from a Holiday Cover we shot for CityDog Magazine. Although it didn't quite look right for CityDog, I think it looks pretty amazing on the front of Professional Photographer. I could not be more thrilled with this honor!

Whisper & Stubbs | Issaquah Highlands Pet Photography

What a couple of goofballs! The dogs, not the owner…Gloria is as nice as they come. This was the first moody dog session I had done in a while. It was pretty stormy out or at least getting that way. I thought for sure we might have to move the shoot to another day, but we made it and had a blast riding out the weather. Gloria brought a ball for Whisper, who seriously is like no other dog I have seen, over the top obsessed with the ball! Usually it’s a good thing because I can get their attention and have them stay so I can get a few shots. But not Whisper, she would stay for about 1 second and then leap at the ball or bark. It made for an entertaining afternoon. Then there was Stubbs. So excited to be outside, he was fascinated with everything in the park…but me! No amount of coaxing, whistling, even moving everything towards him would get him to look at me. I did manage to get a few from that night, the dogs were great and so was Gloria. I am glad to finally be posting this session, I am backlogged on things to post! But here are a few from that great night, thanks Whisper, Stubbs and especially Gloria, I love your fantastically furry family!

Bailey & Banjo | Blood Donor Program | Seattle Veterinary Specialists

Bailey and Banjo in the car ready for a blood drawA couple of weeks ago, Bailey, Banjo and I went up to Seattle Veterinary Specialists to see if they were eligible to become Blood Donors. It was a short drive up to Kirkland, they are located right off 405 which makes it super easy to get to. Bailey went first, which did not please Banjo being left alone in the car, but thankfully he didn’t eat anything.

vials of blood for banjo

They both had a quick blood draw for some initial blood typing. This initial test checks the blood to see if it is DEA 1.1 negative. I don’t know a whole lot about the specifics, but I do know they both passed this test, which is the first step in becoming a universal blood donor. I am told this is like being Type O in people. Now that they passed the first test, the blood has been shipped down to UC Davis for more extensive tests. We still don’t know the results yet, but I will let you know when we find out! If they do pass, then a full health panel is done on the blood which checks for things like heart worm, Lyme Disease and other tick borne diseases, as well as many other general health tests.

testing the blood sample for Banjo

It would be super awesome to have all the tests come back good and to be able to have both Bailey and Banjo in the program. If they are found to be universal donors, their blood would be donated every couple of months. This blood is used for immune mediated diseases, blood transfusions, anemia and many other things. It can be used for any dog which makes this type of donor so valuable.

blood tests for Bailey

What is also wonderful about this program is that there is no charge to you to have any of the tests done. You get a great look at your dogs overall health while possibly helping numerous other dogs out there that might be in an accident or have health issues. If your dog is a universal blood donor, when you go to have the blood drawn your dog receives a physical examination, another check on the blood to check for things that might not be showing symptoms yet (what a lifesaver that could be!), a $50 credit to Seattle Veterinary Services, and lots of love and kisses.

Banjo hanging out after his blood draw

Bailey and Banjo didn’t have any problem with the blood draw, and there were lots of wagging tails and smiling faces. They did wonderful and I can’t wait to hear the results.

I also learned that Greyhounds, Pitbulls and German Shepherds are breeds that generally have a high rate of success for this type of blood. So if you’re interested in having your dog tested for this program or want to find out more information, you can set up an appointment with Erin Kelly, LVT (425-823-9111) or email for more information.

Seattle Veterinary Specialists is a full-service veterinary hospital and 24-hour emergency care facility servicing the greater Puget Sound Community. All major veterinary specialties are represented, including internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, radiology and emergency/critical care. Make an appointment, and see if your dog can help. Be sure to also check SVS out on Facebook!

Meet Eddie| Seattle Humane Society | Bailey & Banjo – Bellevue Pet Photography

Eddie and I had a wonderful afternoon on the trails at the Seattle Humane Society. An adorable 5 year old yellow lab mix, he had a heart of gold and LOVED the snacks I brought for him. He knows his basic commands well like sit, stay and down and enjoyed walking on his leash. Super cute and lots of fun, Eddie will make a great family dog!


Sweet yellow lab mix named Eddie, photographed by Julie Clegg from Bailey & Banjo

Meet Clyde | Seattle Humane Society | Bailey & Banjo – Bellevue Pet Photography

Clyde is only 8 months old! He’s up for adoption at the Seattle Humane Society. He is the most LOVABLE little mixed lab I have met in a long time. Super sweet, puts his head against you like he’s cuddling. He loved having his ears scratched (but then what lab doesn’t??), walking on a leash was super easy, and he is plenty playful. We had a blast that afternoon. So head down to the Humane Society and scoop this pup up, he is going to make an amazing addition to a great family!


Clyde is a lab mix and just five months old. Photography by Julie Clegg of Bailey & Banjo

Meet Katie | Seattle Humane Society | Bailey & Banjo – Bellevue Pet Photography

I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out with Katie the other day. I had never been around a Redbone Coonhound and what a great experience! Such a sweet girl, only six years old, loved walking with me in the woods, sniffing all over. I let her lead me around to where her nose was going and we had one wonderful hike. She is now available at the Seattle Humane Society, so definitely go hang out with her and give her some scratches for me. I came so close to bringing her home myself!


Redbone Coonhound Kate photographed by Julie Clegg of Bailey & Banjo

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