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  • Professional Photographer Magazine Cover!

    We are very honored to have won the Professional Photographer Magazine Cover Contest!

    I always thought this would make a great cover. It was an outtake from a Holiday Cover we shot for CityDog Magazine. Although it didn't quite look right for CityDog, I think it looks pretty amazing on the front of Professional Photographer. I could not be more thrilled with this honor!

Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 5

I have to admit, that I sometimes…kind of…stalk the mail waiting for things to arrive. It’s not terribly difficult considering Bailey and Banjo both bark like crazy dogs when the mail truck pulls up. I love getting clients orders and seeing all the fun products they buy. We all love getting our new issues of CityDog Magazine. It’s hard to tear it away from Bailey, she always wants to see what the latest Deluxe Dig is, and of course the Getaway section. Then she follows me around, staring at me, until we pick one to plan a trip around.

Every once in a while though, the new In The Company of Dogs catalog arrives! Bailey, Banjo and I lay on the floor and look at all the fun dogs and products. Naturally they want almost everything in there, but one item that always catches my eye, and that I really love, is the Wood-Steel Pet Gates.

Two dogs laying in front of dog gatesIf you have ever had a new baby in your house, you know sometimes you just need your dogs to relax in a separate area. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to still see them, or send them to another room with the door closed. But most of the gates I have seen around are plastic, light weight, or break easily. There’s also the metal variety that makes me feel like I am living in a kennel.four images of dog gates But the Wood-Steel Gates are simply beautiful, and I think would make a stunning artistic addition to any room. You can get them in three different types of wood, 3-panels or 5-panels, and you are able to choose from two different patterns. I like them both, but I think the Giraffe pattern is my favorite.

We are a little beyond the baby stage now, but every time the catalog arrives, I still want one of those amazing gates!

Meet Hadley | Seattle Humane Society | Bailey & Banjo – Bellevue Pet Photography

Meet sweet Hadley! A black Chihuahua/Terrier Mix I spent part of the afternoon with. He was eager to hit the trails and is great on the leash. Super sweet and very cute, his tail was in constant wag! He’s over at the Seattle Humane Society and ready to be adopted. Head on down and visit with him, he will make a fantastic addition to your family! If you know someone who is looking for a dog, please feel free to pass along the link!

Hadley the Chihuahua Terrier Mix

Meet Toby | Seattle Humane Society | Bailey & Banjo – Bellevue Pet Photography

Toby is awesome! I got to spend a bit of time with him yesterday walking the trail system at the Seattle Humane Society. He loved walking up and down the hills. I was lucky I caught a good stretch of time with no rain because we had a blast! Toby is now available for adoption, he’s full of love and joy and has such a sweet disposition. Read more from the link and head on down and see him in person.


labrador retriever available for adoption

Meet Mocha | Seattle Humane Society | Bailey & Banjo – Bellevue Pet Photography

I finally got through the orientation, the training, the final meetings and have finally started my new volunteer position with the Seattle Humane Society as a Pet Publicist. I couldn’t be more thrilled! Once a week I will be down at the Humane Society, getting to know a few of the new arrivals, walking them and getting to know them better, taking their pictures and writing up bios in an effort to help get them adopted faster. I am going to post my new buddies here on this site weekly with links to their profiles.

I have had nothing but fun and enjoyment hanging out with these dogs and would like nothing more than to have any of the images I took be the thing that connected a new owner with these lovable animals. One of the great things about the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue is there is they don’t put time limits on their furry friends. They will give as long as it takes to find a home for their guests. I hope you will join me in spreading the word about these great animals that are looking for a wonderful home.

My very first new furry buddy is Mocha. She could not have been any more sweet or gentle, a great walker and overall happy dog, she would make a welcome addition to any home.

How can you not love this sweet face!:)


images of a chocolate labrador retriever

Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 4

Well…sorry for the delay. I know we usually do this on Friday nights. Bailey and Banjo went to the dog park and when it came time to do some research on what we loved this week, they were both out cold. So tonight we all got together and found something I think anyone who shares their life with a big dog will appreciate!

Hand-stamped aluminum dog tagWe love looking for new collars and dog tags for our two big yellow labs, and when this one hit the screen, we got two big barks! So, for this weeks Friday Night Dog Love, we are going to meet The Copper Poppy.

Now maybe I’m nostalgic about my years in Boston, but how can you go wrong with a big ol’ Aluminum hand made dog tag that doesn’t get lost in a sea of lab fur? The Fenway is a 1.5″ diameter, 18-gauge aluminum, one-of-a-kind dog tag that will last for years. They are also great because after you get the name on the tag, there’s plenty of room for other things you can have hand-stamped because they are such an awesome size! How can you not love that weathered worn look, it’s gorgeous!
weathered dog tag for Friday Night Dog Love

The Copper Poppy doesn’t just make dog tags though, they make some other fantastic items such as necklaces, wine bottle charms and even custom key chains.

marathon key chain from the copper poppyI personally have my eye on this cool marathon key chain for inspiration. I signed up for only a half marathon this summer, but I like the message and the reminder that I need to get back to running!

Go check out The Copper Poppy and follow them on Facebook. They have had great success and I can definitely see why. We are all keeping our eyes on this shop, it has become one of Bailey and Banjo’s fast favorites!

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