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  • Professional Photographer Magazine Cover!

    We are very honored to have won the Professional Photographer Magazine Cover Contest!

    I always thought this would make a great cover. It was an outtake from a Holiday Cover we shot for CityDog Magazine. Although it didn't quite look right for CityDog, I think it looks pretty amazing on the front of Professional Photographer. I could not be more thrilled with this honor!

Product Spotlight | Fine Art Acrylics | Bailey & Banjo

Bailey, Banjo and I are all super excited to announce a new product today, the Fine Art Acrylic! Now you can have your favorite images from your session printed directly on this sturdy 1/4″ acrylic. The back is screen printed with white which will have your image popping with its vibrant color and crisp detail!

Each acrylic includes stainless steel standoffs which make it super easy to hang, and also gives your art piece 5/8″ separation from the wall, giving it a nice clean look with a little depth. Better than a frame, these acrylics also look amazing in a group. Order an Acrylic collection and receive an even better price than purchasing them separately!

Email to schedule a session and talk about how a collection of Fine Art Acrylics would look best in your home!

Fine Art Acrylic displayed in a Rec Room

Close up details of how Fine Art Acrylics are hung on wall

Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 3

little dog on beds made by P.L.A.YI am more than excited to talk about Friday Night Dog Love this week. Bailey and Banjo haven’t seen these yet, but they are on my short list of things to get for them. I KNOW they will absolutely love them! Last week I was photographing the CityDog Muttmixer and they had the most amazing looking dog beds there. I had never seen anything like them, they were so stylish! Every single dog bed that was out on the floor had at least one dog on them! I finally got my chance to get up close to one and they were so soft, lots and lots of loft and really well put together. I decided I needed to look into it further, and when I did, I was more than pleased! This company is amazing!

Beatiful dog beds by P.L.A.Y

The company is P.L.A.Y which is short for Pet Lifestyle And You, what a great name! They have spent so much time researching the good and bad of typical dog beds and have totally redefined the pet bed experience!

Big dog next to a P.L.A.Y dog bed

Let’s start from the outside. Each bed in their Artist Collection was designed by a San Francisco artist, David Collins. The beds are individually sketched and comped making them into works of art, that are going to look awesome in any room of the house! The materials are soft, washable and sturdy and believe it or not have been made in a facility that meets strict quality standards for manufacturing of infant and children products. So you know not only will they be great for your dogs, but they will be safe for everyone in your family.

Now for the inside of these gorgeous dog beds, and this is awesome! P.L.A.Y is doing their part to help the enviornment and minimze their impact on the world. Each bed is filled with soft Planet Fill™, 100% certified-safe, post consumer recycled products. In just one large round bed, they use 92 recycled plastic water bottles! I am loving these beds!

Artist Collection Dog Bed by David Collins

So how can you get a hold of one? Well, you can easily order one online, but wouldn’t it be cool to win one? Well how awesome that you can enter to win one on the P.L.A.Y Facebook page! Another way to win is by joining the pack at CityDog. I signed up, shared pictures of Bailey & Banjo, joined the Issaquah Neighborhood group and even made a few new friends! If you have a dog, this is the place to be to find out about all things DOG!

So, if you’re in the market for a new dog bed, or even if you’re not, you dog will love you even more when they get their paws on one of these amazing P.L.A.Y beds. I will be posting pictures when Bailey and Banjo get theirs!

CityDog Puppy Love Muttmixer 2011 Sneak Peek | Seattle Dog Photography

Here’s a quick sneak peek from the 2011 CityDog Puppy Love Muttmixer presented by Natura Pet. There are a few other images on Facebook and a handful of others now the rest are on the new CityDog 2.0 website. The new website was launched on the night of the Muttmixer and it DOES NOT disappoint! If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure you do! Lots of great information, events and even join a neighborhood and/or breed group in the Social Club and meet people in your area!

If you haven’t been to a Muttmixer, you are definitely missing out! These are some of the most fun events with the coolest people and best dogs in town! Everyone is so laid back, dogs are mellow, food is great, and the venue was awesome! I can’t wait until the next one. If you didn’t pick up your goodie bag, head on over to save $100 and sign up for the Bailey & Banjo newsletter! It is in the works and due out soon!
Hope you enjoy the pics!

Three photos of dogs from the dog event at the W Hotel
W Hotel where the 2011 Muttmixer was heldAdorable dogs getting photographed by Julie Clegg of Bailey & Banjo

Borders Bookstore | Redmond Town Center | Redmond Dog Photography

For the entire month of February, I am excited to announce several of my images are being featured on the walls of Borders Bookstore in Redmond Town Center. As you go in to the store and head upstairs, you can see all of fun images taken over the past year as you wind your way up the staircase.

What is also super fun is that on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 there will be a Reading with Rover event for children going on upstairs from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. This is a wonderful program that takes place all around Puget Sound where therapy dogs and their handlers are in attendance to listen to children read aloud. These dogs go through extensive training to become therapy dogs and are there for the children to help them feel less stressed about reading. The dogs always listen, never judge, and make reading more fun for the kids! Sounds like a perfect set up to me! From the reviews and news I have read, this is an amazing program that would benefit any young reader!

If you want more information or want to get involved with your own dog, please do! They really need more dogs and great people to help fill the need that has come from this fantastic program! You can contact Becky Bishop at or visit the Reading with Rover Program website.

Go check it out! And while you are there on Tuesday, or any other time this month, check out the great photography on the walls! (big grin)

And definitely don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of CityDog Magazine! It is currently located in the rack in the upper left corner of the dog section of the magazines, but we are doing our best to get it moved front and center to a rack in the ‘local’ section as you walk in the door. If you can’t find it out in the open, lets all try to mention that to an employee or store manager. It is an awesome LOCAL magazine that deserves to be displayed proudly in our local stores!:)

Here’s a few shots from the day we hung the work. Thanks so much to my friends Cate and Bensen and my dear husband James for all the great help they gave me that day!

art hanging on the wall by julie clegg
Photographs of dogsFinal wall of three with dog artwork displayed

Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 2

beautiful artwork by artist Stephen Fowler
Surfing around this web this week with Banjo…he wanted something fun for the walls…I came across this artist on etsy that stopped me in my mouse-clicking tracks. There is something about the look of these pieces that really resonates with me and I have never been able to completely figure out. Vintage? Textured? I know when I see it, and THIS is it!

Banjo started getting all excited at this cute little pug image. He was chasing his tail running around, panting and licking. I don’t know if he had some encounter at the dog park with one of these little guys or if he’s spazzing out because he thinks it’s dinner time, but this is the piece he wants.

The artwork is original and each piece is hand crafted, you won’t find them anywhere else. You can order different sizes, different dogs and you absolutely have to check out the rest of his store.

Here are a few others that were our favorites (it was definitely hard to only pick a few, they are all so fantastic!)

Yellow Dog Labrador Coffee Company

Chocolate Labrador Chew Treats

Yellow Dog Labrador Baseball Club Chicago

Bernese Mountain Dog Coffee Company

Boston Red Sox Baseball Club Fenway

Black Dog Mutt Brewing Company

Thanks Stephen for giving me permission to use a couple of your images! Your work is beautiful!

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