7 Banjo things that aren’t musical

The banjo is a musical instrument that has gained popularity worldwide, thanks to its distinctive sound and unique design. However, there are various other objects and tools that share the name “banjo” but are not related to music in any way. In this list, we explore seven items that are called banjo but have nothing to do with playing music.

7 Banjo things that aren’t musical

Banjo fitting: a type of plumbing fitting that has a hollow cylindrical shape and is used to connect hoses or pipes.

Banjo bolt: a type of bolt that has a hole through its center and is used with a banjo fitting to connect hoses or pipes.

Banjo clock: a type of clock that has a circular face and a domed glass cover, resembling the shape of a banjo.

Banjo kazooie: a popular video game series featuring a character named Banjo, a bear, and his friend Kazooie, a bird.

Banjo minnow: a type of fishing lure designed to resemble a minnow, often used for catching bass and other fish.

Banjo eyes: a type of rope splice that creates a loop at the end of a rope, resembling the shape of a banjo.

Banjo string: a slang term for the thin piece of skin connecting the foreskin to the glans of the penis.

2 more non-musical things named after the Banjo

Banjo burner – A banjo burner is a type of propane burner used in outdoor cooking, such as in crawfish boils or brewing beer. It has a wide, circular base with a series of small holes that provide even heat distribution.

Banjo catfish – Banjo catfish is a freshwater fish species of the family Aspredinidae. It is called a banjo catfish due to its unique shape, which resembles a banjo.

From plumbing fittings to cookie cutters, the word “banjo” has been used to name a diverse range of objects and tools that have nothing to do with music. Despite their different functions and purposes, these banjo-named items have all managed to capture people’s attention with their unique designs and shapes. It just goes to show that the name “banjo” can be used in a multitude of ways, far beyond the world of music.