Bill Bailey Song

First published in 1902, the evergreen song “(Won’t You Come Home) Bill Bailey”, which was originally titled “Bill Bailey, Won’t You Pleaseā€¦. Come Home?” is also simply referred to as “Bill Bailey”.

The song’s and music were written by Hughie Cannon. Other notable songs written by Cannon include “For Lawdy Sakes, Feed My Dog,” “I Hates To Get Up Early In The Morning”, “Possum Pie”, “Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes” and “You Needn’t Come Home.”

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The song has been covered and released by hundreds of artists most notably in 1960 by Bobby Darin . Darrin’s version went to #19 on the US Hot 100, and #34 on the UK charts.

Hughie Cannon died at the age of 35 from Cirrhosis (liver disease)

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