Top 10 Renowned Banjo Festivals Around the World

From the Appalachian mountains to the heart of London, the humble banjo resonates with diverse musical traditions and passionate communities worldwide. Dive into a vibrant sonic journey as we explore 10 renowned banjo festivals, each offering unique experiences and celebrating the instrument’s rich legacy. Whether you’re a seasoned player or simply captivated by the banjo’s … Read more

10 Places with “Banjo’ In Their Name

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The Banjo Bowl: More Than Just a Football Game

In the heart of Canada, where ‘American Football‘ gridiron battles unfold under autumn skies, one contest transcends mere points and victories. It’s a clash of titans, a rivalry simmering with cultural significance and fueled by a whimsical moniker: the Banjo Bowl. But what exactly is this elusive “Banjo Bowl,” and why does it captivate the … Read more

What is a Sarod?


The sarod is a mesmerizing and complex musical instrument that holds a significant place in the classical music traditions of India. Originating from the Indian subcontinent, particularly in Afghanistan and Northern India, the sarod has evolved over centuries to become a key instrument in both Hindustani classical music and folk traditions. What is a Sarod? … Read more

How To Make Yourself a DIY Banjo


Creating a DIY banjo can be a rewarding project for those who enjoy woodworking and have some basic crafting skills. Here’s a simplified guide on how to make a basic, open-back banjo. Keep in mind that building a banjo from scratch requires woodworking tools and experience. How To Make Yourself a DIY Banjo Materials and … Read more

Why don’t more people play the Banjo?


The banjo is an instrument that has been around for hundreds of years and has played an important role in various musical genres. From traditional folk music to country and bluegrass, the banjo has a unique and unmistakable sound that has captured the hearts of many music lovers. Despite its rich history and distinct sound, … Read more

7 Banjo things that aren’t musical

banjo minnow

The banjo is a musical instrument that has gained popularity worldwide, thanks to its distinctive sound and unique design. However, there are various other objects and tools that share the name “banjo” but are not related to music in any way. In this list, we explore seven items that are called banjo but have nothing … Read more

What are Banjo Eyes?

banjo eyes

Banjo eyes are a term that is used to describe a specific physical characteristic of the human eye. The term is often used in a medical context, and refers to a condition where the eyes appear to be bulging outwards from the face. In this article, we’ll explore what causes banjo eyes, how they can … Read more

What is a Banjo Bolt?

banjo bolt

For those who aren’t familiar with automotive or hydraulic systems, the term “banjo bolt” might sound a bit strange. But for those who work on or maintain these types of systems, the banjo bolt is an essential component that plays a key role in keeping everything running smoothly. So what exactly is a banjo bolt, … Read more

10 TV Shows that Feature the Banjo


Television shows have long used music to set the tone and enhance the storytelling of a series. The banjo, with its distinctive sound and association with Southern and folk music, has been a popular instrument in many TV shows over the years. In this list, we will explore ten TV shows that feature the banjo … Read more