12 Famous Female Banjo Players

The banjo is a versatile and captivating instrument that has found a place in various music genres, from bluegrass and folk to jazz and beyond. While historically male-dominated, there have been numerous talented and influential female banjo players who have broken barriers, redefined the instrument, and left their mark on the music world. In this list, we will explore 12 of the most famous female banjo players who have not only demonstrated exceptional banjo skills but also made significant contributions to their respective genres.

12 Famous Female Banjo Players

  1. Alison Brown: Alison Brown is a highly acclaimed banjo player known for her innovative fusion of bluegrass, jazz, and folk music. She has won numerous awards, including a Grammy for Best Country Instrumental Performance. Brown is also a co-founder of Compass Records, an independent record label.
  2. Abigail Washburn: Abigail Washburn is a versatile banjo player known for her unique blend of folk, bluegrass, and Chinese music. She has released several albums as a solo artist and has collaborated with notable musicians, including Béla Fleck. Washburn’s music often incorporates themes of social justice and cultural exchange.
  3. Rhiannon Giddens: Rhiannon Giddens is a highly skilled banjo player, singer, and songwriter. She gained recognition as a member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, a Grammy-winning African-American string band. Giddens is known for her powerful voice and her ability to explore diverse musical genres, including folk, blues, and gospel.
  4. Cathy Fink: Cathy Fink is a prolific banjo player, singer, and songwriter. She has won multiple Grammy Awards for her contributions to folk and children’s music. Fink is known for her versatility and has performed various styles, including bluegrass, old-time, and country.
  5. Molly Tuttle: Molly Tuttle is a talented banjo player, guitarist, and singer-songwriter. She has gained recognition for her exceptional skills and innovative playing style. Tuttle became the first female to win the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitar Player of the Year award in 2017. Her music combines elements of bluegrass, folk, and Americana.
  6. Gina Furtado – A contemporary banjo player known for her intricate and melodic style, Furtado has gained recognition for her solo work.
  7. Janet Davis: Janet Davis is a renowned banjo player who has made significant contributions to banjo technique and education. She has authored instructional materials and taught countless students. Davis is known for her expertise in Scruggs-style banjo playing and her dedication to preserving and advancing the instrument.
  8. Kristin Scott Benson: Kristin Scott Benson is the banjo player for the Grammy-winning bluegrass band The Grascals. She is widely recognized for her exceptional playing and contributions to the genre. Benson has been awarded the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Banjo Player of the Year multiple times.
  9. Lynn Morris: Lynn Morris is a respected banjo player and vocalist who has made significant contributions to bluegrass music. She formed the Lynn Morris Band and released several critically acclaimed albums. Morris is known for her soulful singing and her traditional yet innovative banjo playing.
  10. Roni Stoneman: Roni Stoneman is a banjo player, singer, and former member of the Stoneman Family, a pioneering bluegrass band that gained prominence in the 1960s. Stoneman is regarded as one of the first prominent female banjo players in bluegrass music. She has a distinctive playing style and a powerful stage presence.
  11. Nora Brown – A young and talented banjo player who has gained recognition for her traditional clawhammer style and expressive performances.
  12. Sarah Jarosz: Sarah Jarosz is a talented multi-instrumentalist who often incorporates the banjo into her folk, bluegrass, and Americana music. She is known for her beautiful voice, intricate instrumental skills, and thoughtful songwriting. Jarosz has received multiple Grammy Awards for her albums and performances.

From Alison Brown’s innovative fusion of bluegrass and jazz to Rhiannon Giddens’ exploration of diverse musical genres, these 12 female banjo players have showcased their exceptional talent and creativity. Their contributions have not only elevated the banjo as an instrument but also shattered gender stereotypes in the music industry. Through their remarkable skills, distinctive styles, and dedication to their craft, they have inspired countless aspiring banjo players and continue to leave an indelible legacy. Whether they are preserving tradition or pushing the boundaries of banjo playing, these remarkable women have enriched the music world and deserve recognition for their significant impact.

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