J.D. Crowe


J.D. Crowe, whose full name is James Dee Crowe, is an American banjo player and bluegrass band leader. Born on August 27, 1937, in Lexington, Kentucky, he is considered one of the most influential figures in the bluegrass music genre. J.D. Crowe died on December 24th 2021 Who Was J.D. Crowe? J.D. Crowe is particularly … Read more

Can Banjo Sharks Hurt You?


Banjo sharks, also known as fiddler rays, (Trygonorrhina dumerilii) are generally not considered dangerous to humans. They are bottom-dwelling cartilaginous fish found in coastal waters. Banjo sharks have a distinctive appearance with a flattened body and broad, wing-like pectoral fins, resembling the shape of a banjo or fiddle, hence their name. Can Banjo Sharks Hurt … Read more

The Banjo Conspiracy: Unearthly Connections and Cosmic Harmonies


In the world of musical instruments, the banjo has long been known for its twangy tunes and down-home melodies. But what if we told you that beneath those strings lies a bizarre world of unexplained phenomena, extraterrestrial connections, and cosmic harmonies? In this peculiar article, we’re about to delve into the Banjo Conspiracy, a series … Read more

Banjo Quiz


Welcome to our Banjo Quiz page, where the captivating world of the banjo awaits! Whether you’re a beginner eager to unravel the instrument’s mysteries or an expert looking to test your prowess, we have thoughtfully crafted quizzes tailored to both skill levels. Join us in this musical adventure as we pluck the strings of knowledge … Read more

How to Play ‘Old Man at the Mill’ on Banjo 

In this video from Jim Pankey, we show you how to play Old Man at the Mill on the Banjo. “Old Man at the Mill” is a traditional American folk song that has been passed down through generations and has been performed by various artists over the years. The song typically tells the story of an … Read more

What is a Drywall Banjo?

Drywall installation requires careful taping and joint compound application for a smooth and professional finish. One popular tool for this task is the drywall banjo, a mud or tape dispenser that simplifies the process. However, if a banjo isn’t available or alternative methods are preferred, there are various techniques like using a mud pan and … Read more

Keith Urban: Never Comin Down – Live from his Studio

“Never Comin Down” is a song by Keith Urban, a highly acclaimed Australian country music artist. Released in 2018 as part of his album “Graffiti U,” the song is an energetic and uplifting track that showcases Urban’s distinctive blend of country and pop influences. It received positive reviews for its infectious hooks, feel-good lyrics, and … Read more

Learn to Play – John Henry on Banjo

“John Henry” is a traditional American folk song that tells the legendary story of a heroic African-American steel driver who worked on the railroads. With its powerful and rhythmic melodies, “John Henry” has become an enduring symbol of the struggles and triumphs of the working class. The song has been covered by numerous artists throughout … Read more

12 Famous Female Banjo Players

The banjo is a versatile and captivating instrument that has found a place in various music genres, from bluegrass and folk to jazz and beyond. While historically male-dominated, there have been numerous talented and influential female banjo players who have broken barriers, redefined the instrument, and left their mark on the music world. In this … Read more