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Friday Night Dog Love | Bailey & Banjo | Week 3

little dog on beds made by P.L.A.YI am more than excited to talk about Friday Night Dog Love this week. Bailey and Banjo haven’t seen these yet, but they are on my short list of things to get for them. I KNOW they will absolutely love them! Last week I was photographing the CityDog Muttmixer and they had the most amazing looking dog beds there. I had never seen anything like them, they were so stylish! Every single dog bed that was out on the floor had at least one dog on them! I finally got my chance to get up close to one and they were so soft, lots and lots of loft and really well put together. I decided I needed to look into it further, and when I did, I was more than pleased! This company is amazing!

Beatiful dog beds by P.L.A.Y

The company is P.L.A.Y which is short for Pet Lifestyle And You, what a great name! They have spent so much time researching the good and bad of typical dog beds and have totally redefined the pet bed experience!

Big dog next to a P.L.A.Y dog bed

Let’s start from the outside. Each bed in their Artist Collection was designed by a San Francisco artist, David Collins. The beds are individually sketched and comped making them into works of art, that are going to look awesome in any room of the house! The materials are soft, washable and sturdy and believe it or not have been made in a facility that meets strict quality standards for manufacturing of infant and children products. So you know not only will they be great for your dogs, but they will be safe for everyone in your family.

Now for the inside of these gorgeous dog beds, and this is awesome! P.L.A.Y is doing their part to help the enviornment and minimze their impact on the world. Each bed is filled with soft Planet Fill™, 100% certified-safe, post consumer recycled products. In just one large round bed, they use 92 recycled plastic water bottles! I am loving these beds!

Artist Collection Dog Bed by David Collins

So how can you get a hold of one? Well, you can easily order one online, but wouldn’t it be cool to win one? Well how awesome that you can enter to win one on the P.L.A.Y Facebook page! Another way to win is by joining the pack at CityDog. I signed up, shared pictures of Bailey & Banjo, joined the Issaquah Neighborhood group and even made a few new friends! If you have a dog, this is the place to be to find out about all things DOG!

So, if you’re in the market for a new dog bed, or even if you’re not, you dog will love you even more when they get their paws on one of these amazing P.L.A.Y beds. I will be posting pictures when Bailey and Banjo get theirs!

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