10 Places with “Banjo’ In Their Name

You might love the Banjo, but have you visited these 10 locations with Banjo in the name?

10 Places with “Banjo’ In Their Name

Here are 10 geographical places with “banjo” in their name:

  1. Banjo Lake, California, USA: Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  2. Banjo Creek, Queensland, Australia: Situated within the Carnarvon National Park.
  3. Banjo, Georgia, USA: An unincorporated community in Pickens County.
  4. Banjo Pat, Victoria, Australia: A small town near the Grampians National Park.
  5. Banjo Crossing, Northern Territory, Australia: A roadhouse on the Stuart Highway.
  6. Banjo Paterson Park, New South Wales, Australia: A park in the city of Orange, named after poet “Banjo” Paterson.
  7. Banjo Creek Conservation Park, South Australia: A protected area near Murray Bridge.
  8. Banjo Creek Mine, Western Australia: An abandoned gold mine near Meekatharra.
  9. Banjo Range, Queensland, Australia: A mountain range northwest of Mount Isa.
  10. Banjo Bay, Antarctica: A small bay on the eastern shore of Princess Elizabeth Land.

This list focuses solely on physical geographical locations, showcasing the diverse places worldwide carrying the “banjo” name.

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