Free Online Banjo Lessons

So, you want o learn the Banjo? Thankfully there are lots of free resources all over the web to get you going.

We’ve compiled this list to help you start

Free Online Banjo Lessons and Resources

Free Banjo Tabs

A Book Of Five Strings:

A Collection of Free Praise Music Instructional Videos for Banjo and Guitar

Banjo Bluegrass:

Banjo Chord Inversions:

Banjo For Beginners:


Bradley Laird’s Free Banjo Lessons:

ChordWizard Music Theory Area

Classic Banjo Beginners’ Lessons:

Elfshot Banjo:

EZ Banjo (Clawhammer): (Bluegrass Banjo):

Free Online Banjo Lessons!:


How to Play Foggy Mountain Breakdown On Banjo

Lick Of The Week:

My Banjo Teacher:

Sean Ray’s Guitar & Banjo Portal:

Songwriting Tips! Write Better Chords, Melodies and Hooks!:

The Ultimate Interactive Online Banjo Scales Chart: