Billy Redden: What happened to the banjo player boy from Deliverance?

Billy Redden, born in Rabun County, Georgia, on October 13, 1956 is best known for his iconic role as the young banjo player in the 1972 movie Deliverance. After the film’s release, Redden went on to make a few more film appearances, including in the 1980 film The Hunter. However, his acting career was brief, and he ultimately returned to his home in Georgia.

Who Played The Banjo In Deliverance?

Despite his short acting career, Billy Redden remained a beloved figure among fans of the movie and the banjo-playing community. In recent years, he has made occasional appearances at banjo festivals and other events, where he has signed autographs and played his banjo for fans. He has also spoken about his experiences on the set of Deliverance and how the movie has impacted his life.

One of Redden’s most notable appearances after Deliverance was in the 2003 movie Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton. In the movie, Redden played the character of Banjo Man and performed a brief banjo-playing scene. This was his first film appearance in over 20 years, and it was a fitting role for someone who has become a cultural icon for his portrayal of a banjo-playing youth in Deliverance.

Outside of acting, Redden has worked a variety of jobs over the years, including as a carpenter, a grocery store clerk, and a landscaper. Despite this, he has remained committed to his music and his banjo playing. In interviews, he has spoken about the joy that playing the banjo brings him and the importance of keeping traditional music alive.

Overall, while Redden’s acting career was brief, his performance in Deliverance has become one of the most memorable moments in film history. He has continued to live a quiet life in Georgia, but he remains a beloved figure among fans of the movie and the banjo-playing community. His appearance in Big Fish was a fitting tribute to his legacy, and he continues to inspire new generations of banjo players and fans alike.

What was wrong with the banjo-playing kid in Deliverance?

In the movie “Deliverance,” the character you’re referring to is often called “the banjo boy” or “the banjo kid.”

The unsettling nature of the scene comes from the eerie environment and the boy’s appearance. He has a distinctively blank expression and plays a haunting tune on the guitar. The combination of the unfamiliar music, the remote setting, and the boy’s appearance contributes to the overall unsettling atmosphere of the film.

It’s important to note that the banjo itself is not the source of discomfort; rather, it is the way the scene is filmed and the context within the storyline that creates a sense of unease for the characters in the movie and the audience. The banjo kid’s scene has become iconic and is often remembered for its eerie and suspenseful tone.

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