Free Dulcimer Tabs

Perfect for beginner, intermediate or expert players, enjoy these free Dulcimer Tabs.

Dulcimer Tabs Rock Songs

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
Drive My Car – The Beatles
Don’t Stop Believin – Journey
Tom Petty – Free Fallin

Easy Tunes

Old Joe Clark – (tuning DAD)
You are my Sunshine – (tuning DAD)
Scarborough Fair – (tuning DAC)
Amazing Grace – (tuning DAA)
Wildwood Flower – (tuning DAA)

Intermediate Tunes

The Tennessee Waltz – (tuning DAD)
Sussex Carol – On Christmas Night – (tuning DAD)
You are my Sunshine – 2nd version (tuning DAD)
Branle de Marienbourg – (tuning DGD)
Scarborough Fair – (tuning DAC)
The Star of the County Down – (tuning DAC)

Advanced Tunes

You are my Sunshine – final version (tuning DAD)
Polska Eklunda No3 in G – (tuning DGD)
Zwiefacher – (tuning DGD)
Scarborough Fair – 3rd version (tuning DAC)
Sackpipslat efter J L Olsson – (tuning DAC)

Session Tunes

Angelina Baker:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Barlow Knife:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Beaucatcher Farewell – (tuning DGD – intermediate)
Blackest Crow:  (tuning DAA – easy)
Bouffard’s Waltz:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Buffalo Girls:  (tuning DAD – easy to intermediate)
Cadair Idris:  (tuning DAD – intermediate)
Da Slockit Light: (tuning DAD – easy/intermediate/advanced)
East Parkside:  (tuning DAD – easy/intermediate)
Flop-Eared Mule:  (tuning DAD – intermediate or easy, depending which version you choose)
Golden Slippers:  (tuning DAD – easy/intermediate)
Going to Boston:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Gray Cat on a Tennessee Farm:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Horses’ Brawl (Branle des Chevaux):  (tuning DGD – intermediate)
La Cinq-Cents:  (tuning DGD – easy/intermediate)  Also available in D here.
Liberty Reel:  (tuning DAD – intermediate)
L’Inconnu de Limoise:  (tuning DGD – easy/intermediate)
Machynlleth:  (DGD tuning – intermediate/advanced)
Mazurka van Antoinette:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Schottische a Virmoux:  (tuning DAD and DGD – intermediate)
St. Catherine:  (tuning DAD – intermediate)
Swing and Turn Jubilee:  (tuning DAD – easy to intermediate depending on which part)
Tallis’ Canon:  (tuning DGD – easy/intermediate)
Trip to Brighton:  (DGD – intermediate)
Turkey in the Straw:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Wals voor Polle:   (DAD – intermediate)
Waterbound:  (tuning DAD – easy)
Watson’s Hornpipe:  (tuning DAD – intermediate/advanced)
Wayfaring Stranger:  (tuning DAD capo 1 – easy/intermediate)
Yarmouth Reel (Galopede): A lively tune in G (tuning DAD capo 3 – intermediate)
Young Widow, The:    (tuning DGD – intermediate)

Christmas Tabs

Bring Us In Good Ale – (tuning DAC – easy).
Good King Wenceslas – (tuning DGD – easy and intermediate)
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear – (tuning DAD – easy)
Jesus the Christ is born – (tuning DAC – easy to intermediate)
Lulle Lullay – (tuning DAC or DAA – easy)
Sussex Carol – (tuning DAD – easy to intermediate).
The Holly and the Ivy (Bromsash) – (tuning DAD or DAA – easy).

Even More Bonus Dulcimer Tabs

A (To top)
A Boy’s Best Friend Is His Mother
A La Claire Fontaine
Abide With Us, O Lord
Adam in the Garden
Adieu, My Lovely Nancy
Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser
All in a Garden Green
All The Good Times
All Through The Night
Amazing Grace
Amser / Time
Angeline The Baker
Annie Went Down To The Cabbage Patch
Antrim Hills
April Smiles
Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow Ribbon – D-A-AA
Around Her Neck She Wore A Yellow Ribbon – D-A-dd
Arrú Niño
As The Sun Doth Daily Rise
The Atholl Gathering
Aura Lee
Away to Rio
Ay, Ay, Ay
B (To top)
Song Title
The Baliff’s Daughter of Islington
Balm in Gilead
The Banks of Allan
Banks of the Ohio
The Banks of the Sacramento
Barbara Allen
Barney and Katey
Be Still My Soul / Finlandia
Beautiful Brown Eyes
Been To The East, Been To The West
The Beggar
The Berwick Jockey
Beware, Oh, Take Care
Billy Barlow
Bjørnen Sover
The Black Ball Line
Black Mountain Rag
Blind Mary
Blow, Boys, Blow
The Bold Peddler
Bold Riley
Brady – D-A-AA
Brady – D-A-dd
Branle De Bourgogne
Brown Eyes
Buck Eyed Jim
Buffalo Boy
Butter’d Pease
By The Silvery Rio Grande
C (To top)
Song Title
Un Canadien Errant
Careless Love
Le Carillon de Vendome
Carol Of The Hay
Castle by the Sea (NH)
Castle by the Sea (Spain)
The Celebrated Trumpet Tune
Chairs to Mend
Christmas Eve
Christmas Is Coming
Christmas Song
Cold Is The Morning
Cole Younger
Coleman’s March
Colin’s Cattle
Colonel Baird
Come Here, Lord
Come, Let Us Be Joyful
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing    Pretty hymn
Come, Ye That Love the Lord
Common Bill
El Coquito / Little Tree Toad
Cosher Bailey’s Engine
Cotton Mill Girls
Cripple Creek
Crow-Fish Man
The Cruel War
Cryderville Jail
Cumberland Gap
Cumberland Waltz
D (To top)
Song Title
The Dawning of the Day
The Deacon’s Daughter
The Deceivèd Girl
Den Signade Dag
Didn’t I Dance (copyrighted)
Dives and Lazarus
Do, Do, Pity My Case
Donkey Riding
Don’t You Weep After Me
The Dreadnought
The Dreidel Song
Drifting Too Far From The Shore
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Drunkard’s Hell
Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im Herzen
Duck Of The Meadow
Duérmete Niño Lindo
E (To top)
Song Title
The Eagle’s Whistle
Early One Morning
East Virginia
En Passant par la Lorraine
Engine 143
English Country Garden
Er Is Een Kindeke Geboren Op Aard’
Estonian Waltz
Everybody Loves Saturday Night
F (To top)
Song Title
Fa la nana, bambin
The Factory Girl
Fair and Tender Ladies
Fair Rosalind
Fais Dodo
Fare Thee Well
The Farmer’s Curst Wife
Farther Along
Father, Father
Father Halperin’s Top Coat
Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies – Complete
Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies – Simplified
Fight the Good Fight
Finlandia / Be Still My Soul
Fire Down Below
The First Noel
Four In The Middle
The Four Marys
The Fox
The Frog Would A-Wooing Ride
From Night Till Morn    Fun fast tune
G (To top)
Song Title
Gaily The Troubadour
Generous Woman
George Collins
Go From My Window
Go To Sleepy
Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad
Going Home
Golden Slumbers
Good Morning, Mr. Railroadman
Goodbye, Brother
Goodbye, Old Paint
Great Big Taters in Sandy Land
Great Grandad
Green Broom
Gute Nacht
H (To top)
Song Title
Ha Na Boddachin
Hallelujah, I’m A Bum!
Hangman, Slack On The Line
Happy Christmas Comes Once More
Hard, Ain’t It Hard
Hard Times
The Haymakers
He That Will an Ale-House Keepe
Hector, The Hero    My favorite!
Henry My Son
Here’s A Health Unto His Majesty
Herr Cline’s Dance
He’s Aye Kissing Me
Hey, Lolly, Lolly
The Hobbies
Hold the Fort
The Holly and The Ivy
The Holly Bears A Berry
Holy God, We Praise Your Name
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine
The Homespun Dress
Hop Light, Ladies
Hopalong Peter
Hopping John
How Are Thy Servants Blest, O Lord
How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place
The Hunt Is Up
Huntsman’s Chorus    Fun fast tune
Hush, Little Baby
Hush Ye, My Bairnie
Huzza For Liberty
I (To top)
Song Title
I Know Where I’m Going
I Loathe That I Did Love
I Never Will Marry
I Wonder When I Shall Be Married
If, On A Quiet Sea
I’ll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers
I’m Going to Georgia
I’m Just A Rebel Soldier
I’m Nine Hundred Miles From My Home
In Aimsir… / At Hay Cutting Time (copyrighted)
In Forest and Meadow
In The Bleak Midwinter
In The Pine
In The Smithy
Infant Holy
I’se the B’y
It Rained a Mist
I’ve Got No Use for Women
J (To top)
Song Title
Jacob’s Ladder
Jam on Gerry’s Rocks
Jasmine Flower
J’avais un Camarade
J’avais un Camarade – Fingerpicked
The Jealous Lover
Jesus Borned in Bethlea
Jim Along Josie
Jingle at the Windows
Joe Hill
John Peel
Johnny Todd
The Johnson Boys
Johnson’s Motor Car
Juba This and Juba That    Fun easy tune
K (To top)
Song Title
Kathleen O’Moore
The Keys of Heaven
Kind Miss
Kind Sir
L (To top)
Song Title
Lavender’s Blue
The Leaving of Liverpool
Lee County Two-Step
Limerick Waltz
Little Bird, Little Bird
Little Dutch Girl    Fun fast tune
Little Gobbelin
Little Rosewood Casket
Little Sir Hugh
Little Tree Toad / El Coquito
Liza Jane
The Lonely Willow Tree
Lonesome Cowboy
Long, Long Ago
Look Mister Cuckoo
Lord Lovel
Lord Thomas of Winesberry
Los Cuatro Generales
Lova Lova Line
Love Came Down at Christmas
Love is Little
Love Will Find Out The Way
Lovely Moon
Lover’s Cuckoo
Lowe Bonnie
Lydia Pinkham
Lynchburg Town
M (To top)
Song Title
Madam, I Have Gold & Silver
Maggots in the Sheep Hide
Magpie’s Nest
Las Mañanitas del Rey David    Feliz cumpleaños!
Many Thousand Go
Ma’oz Tzur    Powerful Hanukkah song
Margaret Ann Roberston
Married to a Mermaid
Mary Hamilton
Maypole Dance
Merry Widow Waltz
Michael Turner’s Waltz    Pretty waltz
Miners Song
Miss Thompson (Just melody – was for HD)
Miss Welch
Mississippi Sawyer (Simplified)
Mississippi Sawyer (Complete)
Mister Rabbit
More Pretty Girls Than One
Morning Comes Early
Morning Has Broken
A Morning Song
Morse Music
Mowing the Barley
My Faith Looks Up To Thee
My Love Is A Rider
My Lulu
My Sweetheart’s a Mule in the Mines
N (To top)
Song Title
Nelly Bly
New River Train
The Nightingale
Niño Lindo
Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika
No, Sir
Now Nature Hangs Her Mantle Green
O (To top)
Song Title
O Come, Little Children
O du frohliche
O For A Thousand Tongues
O God Beneath Thy Guiding Hand
Oh, How Lovely Is The Evening
Oh, No, John
Old Joe Clark
The Old Man and the Door
Old Molly Hare
Old North State
The Old Spinning Wheel
Old Woman
The Old Woman and the Little Pig
Omie Wise
On The Baltic
On Top Of Old Smoky
Once / Pa’am Achat
Once I Loved a Maiden Fair
One More River
Our Ship She Lies in Harbour
Over In The Meadow
Oxen Song
P (To top)
Song Title
Pa’am Achat / Once
Pale Moonlight
Pap’s Old Billy Goat
Patrick Spenser
Paul’s Little Hen
Pay Me My Money Down
Piri-miri-dictum Domini
Poland Will Not Be Lost
Poor Howard’s Dead and Gone
Poor Married Man
The Poor Working Girl
The Praise of Islay
Putting On The Style
Q (To top)
Song Title
The Quaker’s Courtship
Queensland Matilda
R (To top)
Song Title
Railroad Bill
A Railroader For Me
The Rakes of Mallow
Red Light Saloon
Reel of Tullochgorum    Fun fast tune
Reuben Ranzo
Rich and Rare
Riding In The Buggy, Miss Mary Jane
Ring, Ring The Banjo
Robin Hood and Little John
Roll on the Ground
Root Hog Or Die
Rothesay Bay
‘Round The Bay Of Mexico
Run Mountain
S (To top)
Song Title
Sailing in the Boat
Sailor On The Sea
Sally Ann
Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang Down
Salty Dog
Schlof, Bobeli
Scraping Up Sand at the Bottom of the Sea
Señora Santana
Seven Blessings of Mary
She Is Far From The Land
Sheep Fast Asleep    Pretty Christmas tune
Shepherds Came to Bethlehem
Shoot the Buffalo
Single Girl
Sir Donkey
Sir Lionel
The Snouts and Ears of America
Soir et Matin (Just melody – was for HD)
Somebody’s Tall and Handsome
Song Before Christmas
Sonny’s Mazurka
Sorghum Syrup
The Sow Took the Measles
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
Spanish Waltz
The Speckled Fish
Spotted Pony
Squid-Jigging Ground
Storms Are On The Ocean
Sugar Hill
Sunny Italy
Suo Gan
Svetit Svetel Mesyats/The Young Moon is Rising    Russian drinking song
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Sweet Hour Of Prayer
T (To top)
Song Title
Tell Poor Lou I’m Gone
The Tenderfoot
The Texas Rangers
The Tex-i-an Boys
These Things Shall Be
This Is My Father’s World
This Lady She Wears a Dark Green Shawl
Time / Amser
Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle
Turn Ye To Me
Turtle Dove
The Two Sisters
U (To top)
Song Title
The Ulster Blossom
Un Kilomètre à Pied
Union Train
The Unquiet Grave
Unto Us A Boy Is Born
V (To top)
Song Title
The Vicar of Bray
W (To top)
Song Title
Walk Along, John
Walkin’ in the Parlor    Fun fast tune
The Water Is Wide
What Did You Have For Your Supper? (Jimmy Randall, My Son)
What Grace, O Lord, and Beauty Shone
What’s Little Babies Made Of
When Christmas Morn Is Dawning
When He Cometh
When You Go A-Courtin
Where Sleepest Thou, My Dearie
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Who Liveth So Merry
Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
Wildwood Flower
William Taylor
Willie O’Winsbury
The Willow Tree
The Winter It Is Past
Wish I Was In Tennessee
Wondrous Love – D-A-AA
Wondrous Love – D-A-dd
Wu Ya, Wu Ya (Song of the Crow)
Y (To top)
You Don’t Want To Love Me
Young Charlotte
Young Prince Of Spain

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